1010 NE 9th St
10019 squares
3600 squares

Seller has outgrown the building and is searching for new property to purchase. Building will be sold vacant. The timing of the sale to coincide with purchase of new property to be mutually agreeable to both buyer and seller.

Located within minutes to Pine Island Rd and Del Prado corridors, the subject property is a 3,120 square-feet (SF) office building constructed in 2007 that sits on approximately quarter acre parcel. The building is owner occupied by a professional management company. The original building layout consisted of 3 separate units with the current build out easily converted back into 3 separate units by removing a few interior doors and windows built into the original walls. There are 3 separate HVAC units, breaker panels, and restrooms.  The unit sizes are 1,560 SF, and two, 780 SF units. The building is meticulously maintained!