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Facilities Management

What is Facilities Management Only?

Many investors who own a commercial property want to handle the financial reporting themselves and employ a management company to provide solely ‘facilities management’ services.  In this role, our Company obtains and reviews with the Owner vendor contracts for such services as landscaping, pressure cleaning, lot pickup/sweeping, porter services, HVAC maintenance, pest control, janitorial services, etc.

Coupled with that service, CPSWFL also provides one on one tenant contact, emergency 24/7 response to property and building issues, and a buffer between the Owner and their tenants.  The Owner can than focus on invoicing, rent collections, leasing and lease administration issues.  This works very well for out-of-state owners who may be setup for financial and lease administration but want local talent for property issues.

The fees for ‘facilities management’ services are based on basically providing 50% of a ‘full service’ contract and the fees are adjusted accordingly.  Many times, a minimum ‘flat fee’ will be negotiated and agreed to or if a percentage, typically it would range between 2-3%.

CPSWFL can customize their services to meet the specific needs of any client.  Call us today for a personal evaluation of your property.

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