Pay Your Rent

Financial Reporting

CPSWFL utilizes Skyline, a state of the art commercial property management accounting software program, to effectively report the financial status of each property. A separate, independent escrow account is established for each Owner/Investor for their property. Timely cash flow and financial reporting is a trademark of CPSWFL  This specialized reporting provides each Owner/Investor with records of activity for any given period that are accurate and reliable.

Monthly, CPSWFL will furnish detailed operating statements for the property, which will identify all rental and other income, as well as expenses incurred with respect to the property.  A detailed general ledger report is provided which details all monthly transactions.   CPSWFL also utilizes a detailed accounts payable program to ensure maximum efficiency in the payment of invoices, receiving discounts and providing maximum cash flow for your property.

On an annual basis, an Owner will be provided with year end financial statements for use in preparing tax reports. As part of the management fee, CPSWFL will provide accounting control and supervision by their Controller, who will oversee accounting operations and staff to allow for greater flexibility in the setup of reports for financial evaluation and decision making.

Also on an annual basis, CPSWFL provides property budgets together with a full CAM Reconciliation for each property collecting income as reimbursement for CAM expenses. This entails a detailed report generated for each property with line item expenses for all items affecting the maintenance of the property, building, common areas, real estate taxes, and insurance. Each Tenant receives a report of this compilation and the accompanying collection or credit for their prorata share as defined in their lease agreement.

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