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  • The Future of Medical Offices

    Is the Medical Office Market Recession-Proof?

    When the economy takes a tumble, investors immediately start hunting for recession-resistant assets. For decades, commercial real estate investors have turned to medical properties, which has been one of the strongest performers in our economy.
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  • What's Next, Ep. 11: 2020 Year in Review

    What’s Next, Ep. 11: Year in Review

    2020 was a challenge for all of us, but there’s reason to be optimistic about commercial real estate. As the year comes to a close, Southwest Florida’s housing market is booming– and that’s good news for commercial property owners who are poised to take advantage of a chain reaction.
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  • 2020: Looking Back, Looking Forward

    2020: Looking Back, Looking Ahead

    January 2020 seems like a lifetime ago, and it’s difficult to recall where we were just 12 months in the past. Commercial property brokers and property investors entered 2020 with a great deal of enthusiasm, and there may be reason to enter 2021 the same way.
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  • What's Next, Ept. 10: Q3 Office Marketbeats

    What’s Next, Ep. 10: Q3 Office Marketbeats

    The commercial property market for office space in Southwest Florida has made a remarkable rebound since the 2nd quarter stay-at-home directives. Gary Tasman and Shawn Stoneburner break down the details in this video.
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  • Business Observer article

    Gary Tasman talks Fort Myers Convention Business in Business Observer

    With the recent opening of the Calusa Sound Convention Center, the future is bright for the downtown Fort Myers River District and surrounding areas. Gary Tasman of Cushman & Wakefield
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  • the Power of Philanthropy

    Shining a Spotlight on Corporate Giving

    Charitable giving isn’t just a good deed, it’s good business. Corporate philanthropy stabilizes our region and improves our quality of life, making our area more attractive for growth. This leads to jobs, housing, and a stronger tax base to support the needs of our community.
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