2020 Hurricane Preparedness



  • Obtain a copy of a Hurricane Preparedness information sheet such as FEMA Hurricane Hazards.  We can fax you a copy upon request.

  • Make sure that your flood and contents insurance policies are in place.  NOTE:  If a hurricane is in the box/cone, the insurance companies will not insure you.  It is too late!

  • Tenants on the ground floor should place any loose items outside their store location inside.

  • Place a towel along your store front door since the sills are usually lower and wind driven rains can enter your unit.

  • Remove all computers, if possible, to a core room where the door can be shut and the devices can be placed up on tables.

  • If computers and hardware can’t be removed, place a garbage bag around the item, pull all the slack out of the bag and put duct tape around the base to make a seal.  A couple of extra pieces can be used to strap across the item securing it to the table and securing the bag so it doesn’t flap if it is exposed to the wind.

  • With windows, close the drapes or other type of window covering.  We do not recommend taping the windows.  This leaves a sticky residue and is hard to remove.  If an airborne object hits the window, it will break anyway.

  • Do not add plywood to store fronts unless storm shutters are provided for the entire building or you have approval from the Owner.  Drilling into the windowsills and frames can damage the sills and ruin the windows.  You will be responsible for replacing the sills and frames if you do this without the Owner’s approval.  If you want storm shutters, it will most likely be at your expense but will still require Owner’s approval.

  • Any paper files, computer disks or stored information that is critical to your business should be copied with one copy going with you and office copies placed in a secured room with your computer equipment.

  • If you are in an Association check your by-laws to see who is responsible to install shutters/window protection. If you occupy a newer building you may have impact glass which is rated to Miami/Dade wind calculations.

  • Everything else in your suite should be left operational such as your air-conditioning, electrical and plumbing.  If we have flooding, we will have professionals secure the buildings and make them safe before you can re-enter the premises if there are sustained damages.

  • If your building is flooded or damaged, DO NOT enter the building.  There could be hot electrical lines.  Also, look for downed power lines that could still be energized.  Unknown structural problems from a severe storm of Category 3 or above could cause a potential for a cave-in of the walls or roof.

  • Read your lease.  In most cases, you are responsible for your contents and getting your business up and operating once the building is operational.

  • Severe hurricanes are made up of numerous tornadoes and high winds that can cause structural damage.  Be careful entering your unit or building and if the structure looks damaged, do not enter until you have approval from Property Management.

  • Be prepared for prolonged repair periods if your suite is damaged.  Contractors will be overwhelmed with work.  With contractors being spread thin, they may not be able to respond quickly. Acquiring materials for repairs will also be hard, if not impossible, to find.

We know how unpredictable hurricanes can be and we need to be prepared when a hurricane advisory is given.

We are experienced in dealing with hurricanes and will do our utmost to secure and repair the structure.  Then we will access the individual units and building again to provide a watertight healthy environment.

For questions, please call your Property Manager or 239-489-3600, leave a message and the on-call Property Manager will be notified.

More information on hurricanes can be found on web sites such as NBC-2 or FEMA.



Thank you and stay safe!

Your Property Management Team

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