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We will work with you to develop an annual routine maintenance plan for your facility. Commercial buildings undergo a lot of wear and tear through the course of a year, and we make it our job to ensure all aspects of your building are in optimal condition. When unexpected problems occur, we’re here to help! We not only offer occupant comfort and reliable uptime, but also minimize the high cost of emergency repairs and equipment replacement.

General Contracted Porter Service:

  • Trash cleanup
  • Remove debris & blow walkways
  • Empty trash cans & replace trash can liners
  • Site audits & field reporting of issues

Additional Services Available:

  • Cobwebbing
  • Large appliance or furniture removal
  • Debri and landscape debris removal
  • Construction clean-up & pallet removal
  • Mopping and/or wet/dry vac service from water leaks
  • Remove and/or schedule services for towing of abandoned vehicles or like items

  Painting Services

  • Fire hydrants
  • Water equipment & backflow devices
  • Bollards, Dumpster Doors & Awnings

  Pressure Washing / Graffiti Removal

  • Awnings
  • Parking lots, sidewalks & pylon signs
  • Cement, composite decking, cedar shake
  • Brick, wood, stucco, aluminum, pavers & vinyl

Electrical Services

  • Lightbulb checks, bulb purchase & replacement
  • Adjust timers
  • Outlet cover replacement


  • Lockbox installation or removal
  • Door screen repair/replacement
  • Add or replace door sweeps
  • Key replacement/change door locks
  • Hardware replacement (hinges, handles, knobs)

Holiday Lighting within Height Parameters

  • Install/Remove holiday lights and/or decorations

HVAC Preventative Services

  • Inspect units and change filters
  • Check the condensation drain & clean debris
  • Assess electrical connections
  • Check refrigerant levels
  • Replace window A/C units
  • Battery replacement in thermostat
  • HVAC reset & lubricate moving parts

 Preventative Plumbing Maintenance & Services

  • Check the drains & assess pipes for leaks
  • Check the water pressure
  • Clean sediment out of faucets and drains
  • Assess select hoses for signs of cracks, brittleness or leaking
  • Toilet hardware replacement (handles, flap, chain, )
  • Unclog toilets and sinks
  • Check water leaks & water meter readings
  • Adjust toilet shut-off valve

  Window Washing & Maintenance

  • Exterior and/or interior of common areas
  • Window screen cleaning
  • New construction window cleaning
  • Secure windows
  • Remove lettering or stickers

Building Services

  • Replace ceiling tiles, vent covers, ceiling fan chains, thermostat batteries, signs, soap dispensers, sprinkler heads,
  • Pothole, gates, awning, soffit & fascia repair
  • Car stop removal & replacement
  • Breaker, fire sprinkler & irrigation checks
  • Drywall patchwork
  • Tree Inspection for potential hazard

Misc. and/or Nuisance Services

  • Dead animal removal
  • Homeless encampment
  • Unit “make ready” service

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