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Cushman & Wakefield | Commercial Property Southwest Florida uses an integrated approach towards property management. We are aggressively focused on enhancing asset value and delivering a service model that aligns with clients’ goals, along with cutting-edge technology to optimize quality, speed and cost of operations. From the largest and most complex facilities to the smallest, clients can expect the same high level of responsive and innovative service.


As part of our unwavering commitment to tenant and owner satisfaction, our property management specialists go beyond day-to-day operations to seek out new, innovative solutions to preserve and enhance property values, while at the same time helping clients achieve the optimum balance between service levels and operating costs.


Working closely with owners, our property management services are always consistent with client goals and objectives — delivered at the highest level of responsiveness and economy. By maintaining strict quality guidelines and focusing on cost-efficient operations and tenant retention, Commercial Property Southwest Florida has consistently enhanced property values for clients over the investment term.

Contact us now to get the ball rolling on a detailed proposal that will cover the entire spectrum of services for both your “fiscal” and “physical” property management.


  • Consultation & Start-up
  • Financial Reporting
  • Property Inspections
  • Contractor-Vendor Selection
  • Personalized to Each Client
  • Commercial POA Management
  • Facilities-Only Management
  • Construction Management

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