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Exhibit B

Q4 2020 Retail MarketBeat

Exhibit B

Q4 2020 Office MarketBeat

Exhibit B

Q4 2020 Industrial MarketBeat

Exhibit B

Q3 2020 Office MarketBeat

Medical Office Q3

Q3 2020 Medical Office MarketBeat

Industrial_Q3 2020_Alliance_Fort Myers-Naples LA

Q3 2020 Industrial MarketBeat


Q2 2020 Industrial MarketBeat

Office_Q2 2020_ Alliance_Fort Myers-Naples_Page_1

Q2 2020 Office MarketBeat


Q2 2020 Retail MarketBeat

FortMyers_Americas_Alliance_MarketBeat_Industrial_Q12020 (002)_1

Q1 2020 Industrial MarketBeat

MarketBeat Office Q1 Final_1

Q1 2020 Office MarketBeat


Q4 2019 Industrial MarketBeat


Q4 2019 Office MarketBeat


Q4 2019 Retail MarketBeat


Q3 Office Marketbeat 2019


Q3 Industrial Marketbeat 2019


Q3 Medical Office Market Beat 2019

Last quarter's Market Beat Reports are available for immediate download below:


Q2 Industrial Marketbeat 2019


Q2 Office Marketbeat 2019

Q2 Retail Marketbeat 2019

Q2 Retail Marketbeat 2019

Q1 Industrial Marketbeat 2019

Q1 Office Marketbeat 2019

Q1 Medical Office Marketbeat 2019

Q4 Industrial Marketbeat 2018

Q4 Office Marketbeat 2018

Q4 Retail Marketbeat 2018

PowerPoint Presentation

Q3 Office Marketbeat 2018

PowerPoint Presentation

Q3 Industrial Marketbeat 2018

PowerPoint Presentation

Q3 Medical Office Marketbeat 2018

Q2 Industrial MB

Q2 Industrial Marketbeat 2018

Q2 2018 Office Marketbeat

Q2 Office Marketbeat 2018

PowerPoint Presentation

Q2 Retail Marketbeat 2018

2018 Q1 Office

Q1 2018 Office Marketbeat

2018 Q1 Industrial

Q1 2018 Industrial Marketbeat

Q4 Industrial MarketBeat

Q4 2017 Industrial Marketbeat

Q4 2017 Office Marketbeat

Retail Marketbeat Q4 2017

Q4 2017 Retail Marketbeat

Q3 2017 Industrial MarketBeat


Q1 Office Maretbeat 2019


Q1 Industrial Marketbeat 2019


Q1 Medical Office Marketbeat 2019

Q3 2017 Office Marketbeat

Q3 2017 Office Marketbeat

Q2 2017 Retail Marketbeat

Q2 2017 Industrial Marketbeat


Q2 2017 Office Marketbeat

Q1 2017 Retail Marketbeat

Q1 2017 Industrial Marketbeat

Q1 2017 Office Marketbeat

Q4 2016 Office Marketbeat

Q4 2016 Industrial Marketbeat

Q4 2016 Medical Marketbeat

Q3 2016 Office Marketbeat

Q3 2016 Industrial Marketbeat

Q2 2016 Retail Marketbeat

Q2 2016 Office Marketbeat

Q2 2016 Industrial Marketbeat

Q1 2016 Office Marketbeat

Q1 2016 Industrial Marketbeat

Q4 2015 Office Marketbeat

Q4 2015 Industrial Marketbeat

Q4 2015 Retail Marketbeat

Global Office Forecast 2015-2016

North America Industrial Forecast 2015-2017

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